• Davon Arendse

The Antique 2021 renovation

Is "old school" still relevant in this modern world?

This is a question we at AEP asked ourselves when taking on this somewhat unique renovation.

I suppose it is all dependent on the context of the matter. In the building industry, “old school” could be a number of different things.

Quality wise, old school could hold its own. However, only to a certain extent.

A lot of the time, we find that the older buildings and homes are impeccably strong. However, they aren’t the best in terms of plumb walls, level floors, and the all-out 45-degree squareness.

We have obviously come a long way and advanced quite quickly with regards to the tools and technology we now have at our disposal. A couple of decades from now, our current homes and buildings will be considered “old school” and perhaps even frowned upon in the same ways it is during this current time.

Another aspect is the style and design. The “Old school” is now hitting us faster than the Adele remix; ‘easy on me’. (for those that weren’t aware, a remix was released in SA the SAME DAY the official song got released)

Basically, all of the trends that were in during the good old days, and dare I say it, grandparents’ and even parents’ days are now back on our doorstep. More than that, it has now entered our homes, and we are embracing it with arms wide open.

So, we decided to gel the two styled together, and see what could happen if we combined the days of the past, with 2021. The results are quite interesting. It probably won’t be for everyone. But there is beauty and something interesting in every trend and style. You just need to find what works for you

How it began

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