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African Eagle Projects Revamp | Revive - Back to Life!

Updated: Feb 28

December 2021, is when we commenced with one of our 'reviving projects'. Yes, we were most definitely aware of the limited time remaining before the construction holiday began. However, our amazing team were able to complete the structure of the garage & boundary wall before year end, meaning that only the finishing was left for the new year.

This was such a great project, as our brief was to build a new garage & boundary wall, and also paint the entire inside of the home. We basically left no stone unturned on this project, and we're are so glad we didn't, as the results is really something we at African Eagle Projects are proud of.

Take a look at how it started

The brief from our client was that they wanted to change the entire appearance of their home, as the house at that point looked like all of the life has been sucked out of it.

Of course, the team at African Eagle Projects is equipped with the skills to revive something & create new life into our projects. Needless to say, we completed this project in Mid February 2022, and said our goodbyes to the very happy & grateful owners of their 'new home".

Let's talk DESIGN! | 5 key features


Our client wanted a modern colour scheme to the outside façade of their home. Naturally, most modern choices leads to what is trending. In this case, the light grey and charcoal was the option they went for.

We found in some of our previous projects, when opting for a grey colour scheme, the overall design can tend to feel somewhat cold at times. It is for this reason that African Eagle Projects recommended a slight addition to the colour scheme.


We proposed that the gates be done in a Red Grandis wood cladding, instead of the Nutec.

The Red Grandis has a natural, beautiful, reddish colour, and is quite a popular and frequent product choice for us at African Eagle Projects.

We did however, apply a very thin layer of teak seal over our beloved red grandis in order to get a closer match to the existing facias boards, and the exposed timber rafters that we installed with the roofing.


We also removed the existing front door, as well as the back door, and installed new custom aluminium doors. The front door was designed with frosted glass inserts that allows for more light to flow throughout the house.

The back door also has a frosted glass to allow for a better flow throughout the home, however, with a different design.

The door is a 'stable farm style door' which consists of 2 sections. The bottom section is cladded in aluminium, and the top section is made of frosted glass. Each section opens on its own, just as a farm style stable door.


All of the bond pavers that we removed, was reused. We repaved the driveway and front section of the property. To match our colour scheme we painted the paving bricks charcoal.

The roof was also done in the same charcoal colour as the paving and the nutec fencing, so that a unified look could be achieved


We finished the garage off by installing a single Alu-zinc, sectional opener with motor.

We opted for an bronze garage door as the existing windows & doors of the entire house is bronze.

Swipe right & have a look at the entire project.

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